Alchemy PP - Healthcare Packaging

EQ-CAN® Canisters & EQ-PAK® Packets

Maintain humidity equilibrium in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging


Clariant manufactures desiccant products. EQ-PAK packets and EQ-CAN canisters are specially engineered sorbents that maintain humidity equilibrium in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging where specific relative humidity conditions are needed.

This is ideal when both overly humid and excessively dry conditions are problematic, such as for gelatin capsules or dry powder inhalers.

The EQ line of packets and canisters perform as a humectants (desorbers) and desiccants (adsorbers) simultaneously, maintaining a particular equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) inside product packaging. Benefits include:

  • Standard humidity levels can be set from 10% to 30% Relative Humidity, and customized ERH levels are available.
  • Product packaging will not drop below or rise above specified humidity levels (within stated tolerances, MVTR and temperature).
  • Typical applications include Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs), gelatin capsules, rapid release tablets and dental materials.