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ADP® Advanced Desiccant Polymers

Integrated Moisture Adsorption


Clariant manufactures an array of desiccant products. ADP® Advanced Desiccant Polymer technology combines the advantages of traditional thermoplastic polymers with the benefits of advanced moisture protection. By molding desiccant directly into the plastic itself, we can design and produce active packaging containers and components. Customised to suit customers' specific needs, ADP can be molded into virtually any shape or size and have dust-free desiccant protection built directly into the package or device.

We can design and produce active packaging containers and components.

Specific polymers can be developed with calibrated kinetics and capacities dedicated to customer needs. Customers can choose to mold existing working device components with ADP, adding moisture adsorption on top of the component's original function saving space and cost. Benefits include:

  • Integration of ADP in an existing package or device component can be used to implement desiccant capabilities on top of its original function.
  • ADP desiccant kinetics can be customized to meet specific absorption rates.
  • ADP offers an improved adsorption capacity per unit of volume and is the ideal desiccant when packaging space is restricted.