Category - Machinery Products

As suppliers of continuous strip desiccant and oxygen absorbers we understand the need for reliable dispensing machines to ensure speed and accuracy during production. Together with our machinery partner we have developed an economic range of dispensers for the pharmaceutical and food industry. The key to a reliable dispenser is one which can sustain a good speed and still ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability. Our machines are designed specifically to work with our products and the interface is seamless.

The dispenser units are all designed to meet Australian electrical and safety standards and come fully programmed and ready to run. Installation typically takes 1 day and we provide a full commissioning service and onsite training to ensure that our customers have a successful outcome. For more information pertaining to our ATC269B (pharmaceutical dispenser) and our ATC169B (oxygen absorber dispenser) please refer to the relevant section.

Please select any specific product to the right and for any enquiries, please contact us.

All of our dispenser machines meet the highest standard of construction and electrical interface using Japanese servo motors and sensors. Our machines are ready for immediate use and are virtually plug and play. All machines are suitable for use in a clean room and food preparation environment