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  • Post Harry Brooks | Director
  • Date 29 April 2018

Swisse Wellness Adopts Unique Label, Branded Desiccant to Protect Product Authenticity

In a few short years, Swisse Wellness (Melbourne, Australia) has become a leading global wellness brand with market presence in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., U.S., Netherlands, Italy, and China. Swisse boasts a strong product pipeline and a portfolio of more than 200 innovative vitamins, sports nutrition, and skin care products that are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities and supported by a team of well-known brand ambassadors.

Swisse customers in Australia now see another distinctive brand identification feature inside product containers. There, the company has introduced a new desiccant sachet with a printed Swisse logo, produced by Clariant Healthcare Packaging. When inserted into product bottles during the filling process, desiccant sachets like these help preserve the stability and shelf life of active ingredients in drugs, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements by adsorbing moisture that can make its way into packages and degrade their contents. The new, branded desiccant sachets are now widely available in Swisse products sold in Australia and are expected to roll out to Swisse products globally in the near future.

The new Swisse-branded desiccant sachets complement the new packaging strategy, explained Harry Brooks, managing director of Alchemy Performance Packaging. Based in Brisbane, Alchemy is the Clariant Healthcare Packaging distributor that suggested the branded desiccant concept.

"Swisse sought solutions that reflected the brand's high standards for premium, high-quality ingredients," said Mr. Brooks. "So, instead of a typical desiccant sachet to protect the contents from moisture, Alchemy Performance Packaging proposed a Clariant desiccant sachet made with medical-grade Tyvek, filled with Clariant Sorb-It silica gel and a printed Swisse logo."