ALCHEMY Performance Packaging

Alchemy Performance Packaging (APP) supplies critical industries with innovative controlled atmosphere packaging, principally to protect products from moisture and oxygen. As a trusted resource, we supply desiccant and active packaging products to help pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, and diagnostic companies maintain product stability and prolong shelf life.

Alchemy Performance Packaging is an established company with its focus on supplying speciality packaging materials to the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, and Food and Beverage Market in Australia and New Zealand

Healthcare Packaging

Using both active and passive packaging technologies, we offer an array of standard components and complete systems, as well as full innovation and development capabilities.

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Food Preservation

Oxygen absorbtion products are used to keep food products safe from things like mold and extend shelf life by taking the oxygen out of a sealed package.

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Product Highlights

Packaging Technologies


Advanced Desiccant Polymer technology combines the advantages of traditional thermoplastic polymers with the benefits of advanced moisture protection, ultimately providing the industry with a superior product for peace of mind.

Moisture Control


An array of adsorbent bags, such as silica gel bags and bentonite clay bags, used to protect bulk pharmaceuticals in their final multi-count packaging as well as in-process tablets and capsules prior to bottling or blister packaging.

Customised Packaging

Tubes & Desiccant Stoppers

Rigid tubes and desiccant stoppers create an ideal package for effervescent tablets, chewables and lozenges, as well as diagnostic test strips effectively protecting products from breakage and moisture degradation.